Operational Accounting

Operational Accounting

With JetStream, the accounting function is an integral part of each process or transaction. Yes, we still have to post the Purchase Invoice or the Payment Details when they are sent to us, but all those other transactions which allow us to prepare accurate and detailed accounts are generated transparently, so when we process a stock receipt or a stock delivery, Issue a manufacture order, the accounts for stock, Work in Progress, Cost of Sales etc are automatically maintained.

In other situations, we might be generating monthly invoices for a packaged service, the breakdown of revenues, the accrual of interest, the payment to external providers can be generated.

Tight integration of the Accounting Processes with the Business Operation means we have comprehensive audit trails for every transaction showing the who, when, how and why.

JetStreams digital archive allows you to upload the emailed (scanned)  document associated to a transaction into the system . This means that the document itself is available for inspection with a single click from anywhere in the accounting system. So if you are trying to understand the GST report or the supplier payment you can view the original document.

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