How to present confidential content on the web

How to present confidential content on the web

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When Fonterra Brands were looking for a tool to provide confidential information to its network of delivery agents around the country, they found Content King.

Content King was designed to manage a 'pay to view' news web page and so this feature was planned from day 1. The key features include

  • Integrated User Administration. Everyone should be interested in capturing as much information about its readers as possible. In Content King we can assign these users to user groups and then assign groups to web pages to create a multi tiered access control system.
  • In the secure site we produce all the content dynamically so all security checks are done before a page is created to be displayed.
  • A unique document presenting feature which ensures that even if a document link from a secure environment is sent to someone else, it will not be presented without security checks being passed.

Additional security is provided by having the database on a remote computer.

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