CK 5 Block Types

CK 5 Block Types

CK5 Block Types

When it comes to putting dynamic content onto a CK5 page, you are in control.

Logically the page is split into areas or blocks. Each block has a defined Block Type and that describes essentially how the HTML is to be created. The editor of the page then creates and assigns Content Objects(stories/articles/images) to the block for periods of time as required.

Each Block Type has a set of formating instructions which defines the HTML for the wrapping of the block and then for the display of each content object assigned to the block. As a developer, your task is to create the style sheet which works with the HTML to create the look and feel of the page.

To truely understand this page you should read the artcle about Content Objects.

There are three block types which essentially deal with blocks where there is a single Content Object to display.

Simple Text.

This simply outputs the Main Content of the Content Object.

Simple Image

This outputs the Main Image of the Content Object.

Full Composite

This outputs the Title, By-line, Main Image and the Text of the Content Object.  There are several versions of this one as the order of the items allows easy changes to the presentation. 

It should be noted that the editor has some additional controls. The Image can be located at the Top or Bottom (NB. images can be inserted into the text as well) and if required a file list can be included and the location of that file list can be managed by the editor.


Then there are blocks that require Lists. We can split these into lists where we are expecting the end user to click a link to go to read the full story; and lists where the display is static.

In the Link Type area we have the following options:

Text Link List

These display the Abbreviated title as a Link to call what is in essence a virtual page displaying this article in full.

Image Link List

These display the Abbreviated Image which again link to a virtual page to display the ful article.

Composite Link List

These display Abbreviated Heading, Byline, Abbreviated Image and Abbreviated Text with options to have a link on the heading, image and/or user defined Read More text.


In the non-linking Lists we have the

Full List with anchors and Index.  

This format outputs the Main Image, Title and Text of the Content Objects in the list with anchor points at the top of each and also outputs the index list of the abbrviated heading with links to the appropriate anchor point. 

FAQ with opening window

These present the Question of the FAQ and the answer is often hidden. Clicking on the Question opens the window to display the answer.

List with Modal Popup

This requires the output of the Abbreviated content to show in the List as well as the Main article details to be displayed in the modal popup.



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