CK5 is a fully hosted and managed Digital Marketing Management solution with a fully integrated Content Management System, User Management System, User Access Control System, Email Marketing System. Utilising a combination of these features, we deliver a unique solution for you which meets the requirements of your business.

If you are looking for a simple web site, e-commerce solution, email marketing, public blog/forum or private Intranet solution, CK5 can deliver all of these in one simple to use management package.

There are hundreds of very good reasons for using CK5 and the reasons that appeal to you will depend on whether you are a Developer, an Content Editor or a Marketing Manager.

What we have done is to list below some questions and thoughts about what makes a good web site and management solution and how CK delivers on all these points.

Lightweight pages

Lightweight pages are important in two ways :

a) They are quick to download giving a much more engaging interaction with the reader. 

b)  They are easily managed by the most basic browser on the simplest of devices so your message will get delivered to all your audience.

But there is more to this, Search Engines like your site because they don't have to work so hard to isolate the content that the user can see. 

The combination of speed to deliver and the ease of paring the page means that the Search Engines can index more of your site and your site will rank higher

Are there any Limits on what the designer can do

CK5 has been designed to accommodate an infinite range of styles and formats any of which can be presented on any page with any number of others.  So theoreticaly there is no limits to what you can do. 

There are currently about 50 different styling options which output the content objects in different combinations wrapped in different list structures and this, together with our creative css style sheets allow you to create a vast array of designs. 

But we recognise that there will be new ideas from you, and we welcome the change to create more styling options. Using our parameterised structure we can develop a new style in a matter of hours 

Why does Wordpress suggest you limit plugins

The structure of  the WordPress system means that the page calls up the plugins required for the page from the providers of the plugin, this is downloaded to the client machine together with your content and then these plugins work on the content on the client device to present the page as required. This strategy has two basic problems:

  1. These plugins need additional http requests and can be quite large and so the page load time will be dependent upon the number of plugins included.
  2. If the client device is not running recent versions of browsers, or has limited caching space the load time will be extended.
  3. As these plugins are built and managed by independent organisations, the risk of cross system reference conflicts increases. And as the plugins can be altered by the developer at any time, the potential for your page(s) to crash always exists. 

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CK5 is run and managed as a single solution and the page build process is done on our servers, the pages are therefore both lightweight and always consistent in structure. 

The Editor should not be able to ruin the site

As a business, you will have spent $1,000s building your brand image, larger companies will have styling manuals to make sure that all marketing material is consistent. 

Protecting this investment is important so you want to protect against an individual editor suddenly introducing additional colours into the content of the web site. 

CK5  includes a user management system which works within the CK5 tool as well as for you to manage the registered readership of your web site. 

As a CK5 User, you have a login and access through a menu system to the functions that you require. One of the key roles in the system is the Developer role. As a developer you can add web pages and additional blocks on a page. As an Editor, you can create and edit content and publish that content on pages on which you have responsibility. 

The WYSISYG editor has restricted ability to change fonts or styling outside the limited defined by the business. 

Why the hosted environment

CK5 environment is quite complex and uses a sophisticated database. The costs involved in selling, distributing and supporting individual solutions would make the system unaffordable to the majority of  our potential clients. 

By consolidating the system into a single hosted environment, we can deliver the highest quality system using the best available technology to the smallest organisations at a price point that makes the web site affordable. 

Security and reliability are key components to the solution and we are proud of our record on both fronts. All content is stored on database servers connected to the web servers through a firewall which means the data stored in the database is very secure. 


The web server, whilst it is public, also has significant controls on access.  

We are not Google or Facebook

CK5 is a commercial product, we charge for hosting the web sites and for using the CK5 management tools. 

The important thing here is that your data is yours, and the people who register to your site are yours. We have no interest in tying to take value out of your data which is recorded in our databases.

We do however capture information about your users for you. The smarts in the system allow you to build profile information about your readers and use this to improve your connection with those readers. We can use this functionality to present content that matches the users' profile and we can use this information to target emails.

Good Web sites work on SEO

Making your site's pages work with Search Engines and deliver the results you want, is important to us. 

We work hard with our developers to ensure that all pages are structured to optimise the Search Engine requirements. The standard page delivers the following:

  1. A meaningful URL which reflects the title of the main content
  2. A Page Title which reflects the title of the main content
  3. A Meta tage description which is defined by the user against the main content
  4. Meta Tags key words which are defined by the user to describe the main content

Using the CK5 Content Management System, the user is in control of all of these aspects of the main content, so by writing good articles with the key word(s) mentioned in all of these areas, the Search Engine should correctly categorise your page and present it in the Search Results as you have requested. 

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